• What is Interagency Coordination?
    Interagency Coordination promotes a working relationship between the education system, families, and various community agencies in order to provide continuity of care and communication so that students and families are able to benefit from available services within their community, in the least restrictive environment.

    What is the purpose of Interagency Coordination?
    The purpose of Interagency Coordination is to:

    • Serve as a liaison between community agencies, families, and school entities in order to provide continuity of services
    • Provide a process to address the social issues and needs of students, families, schools, and community
    • Serve as a resource for gathering and sharing pertinent information for schools, agencies, and families
    • Assist in the development and coordination of interagency, family, student and school linkages
    • Ensure that all service options and support services are explored and provided
    • Assist in completion or acquisition of necessary applications/eligibility requirements
    • Provide educational representation on a variety of multi-disciplinary community agency teams; e.g. Child and Adolescent Service System Program (CASSP), Suicide Prevention Task Force, Children & Youth Services, Department of Health, Local Task Force, etc.



Degrees and Certifications:

For more information, contact:

Larissa Russell
Interagency Coordinator

570-544-9131 Ext. 1219