• Full Time Paraprofessionals who have completed one year of service are required, by their collective bargaining agreement, to complete 10 additional hours (as of the 18-19 school year) of activities related to their position. This must be pre-approved by your immediate supervisor and program director. Request for pre-approval must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the activity date. 


    All employees activity hours must have signed pre-approval and signed final approval before hours will be credited.


    Follow these steps:

    Fill out and print the Para-Professional 10 Hours of Activity Pre-Approval and Final Approval Form and Paraprofessional Full Time 10 Additional Hours - Monthly In-Service Form

    Pre-Approval Steps:

    1. Give filled out form to immediate supervisor for pre-approval.
    2. Immediate Supervisor will then give it to the program director for pre-approval.
    3. Program Director will return the form to the employee. (Once you receive the form back and it's marked APPROVED, you can proceed with the activity.)

    Final Approval Steps:

    1. Complete activity and sign form. 
    2. Give form to immediate supervisor to sign.
    3. Immediate Supervisor will then give the form to the program director to sign.

    The program director will then keep all activity hour forms to keep track of the employees hours. Once the employee's 10 hours are met, the employee will receive an email confirming their completed hours. 


    If you have any questions regarding an activity, please contact Debra Arnold, Director of Special Education at arnod@iu29.org