• How is my child evaluated?


    The SCIU Early Intervention Program screening activities are designed to gather information about the child’s development in several areas:
    • Cognitive and learning skills
    • Large and small motor skills
    • Self-help skills
    • Social skills
    • Speech and language skills

    SCIU staff will collect information about the child’s development. This information is used to determine if further testing is necessary.


    Children who do not meet basic developmental standards for their age level are offered a comprehensive evaluation. Parents must give permission for the evaluation to be completed and participate as a partner in the process. The evaluation is completed by a team of highly qualified professionals appropriate for the identified areas of concern. The results of the evaluation are compiled into a written evaluation report.

    To be eligible for preschool special education services, a child must have a qualifying disability or a 25% developmental delay and need specially designed instruction to participate in a preschool setting. A student who is found eligible for services is re-evaluated at least every two years to determine continued eligibility.