If a child has been determined to be eligible for special education services, an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is developed. Parents and professionals from the Early Intervention Program participate in the process. Others who have knowledge about the students may provide input as well. Parents and families are a very important part of the IEP development process.

    The IEP outlines the student’s goals and adaptations to the preschool curriculum, content, and delivery of instruction needed to support the goals. It indicates the type of services and location of services to be provided. The IEP is reviewed and revised at least annually.


    Preschool special education services are provided in a variety of ways and locations. The services recommended for each student are tailored to meet the individual student’s needs and occur in the least restrictive environment in which the student’s needs can be met.
    Services available include:

    · Specialized Instruction
    · Speech and language therapy
    · Occupational Therapy
    · Physical Therapy
    · Vision Therapy
    · Hearing Therapy
    · Orientation and Mobility
    · Behavior Consultation

    Services may be provided in the student’s typical preschool setting, a child care setting, a home setting, or in a specialized setting if intensive services are needed, or a combination of settings.

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