• Schuylkill IU 29 ESL Program Specialist Certification Program

    Mission Statement

    The mission of the Schuylkill IU 29 ESL Certification Program is to meet the growing EL population with well-prepared ESL instructors and Program Specialists who design excellent instructional opportunities, engage the community, respect diverse cultures and languages, and advocate for excellent education for all students.  

    Fast Facts

    Seven courses focused on the day-to-day work of an ESL Program Specialist, especially instructing ELs!  Courses are taught by supportive instructors who are also current ESL professionals.

    Eighteen Credits of CPE Coursework with a total cost of $1,800, making this program one of the most affordable PDE-Approved certifications in the State of Pennsylvania. The entire program can be completed in one year!

    Individuals who complete the necessary seven courses (18 credits) are eligible to apply for this certification. The ESL Program Specialist certification is "added on" to a Level I or Level II teaching certificate issued by PDE. Those who have completed teaching certification (Instructional I or II) will receive a letter that verifies completion of the state requirements for the ESL Program Specialist Certificate and may apply through the PA Department of Education for their ESL Specialist Certificate.

    This certificate program will help meet the growing need for appropriately prepared educators to provide the necessary instruction to the growing ESL population in Pennsylvania.

    What classes will you take?

    ESL 1 Language, Culture, and Responsive Instruction (3 Credits)

    ESL 2 Theory and Practice in Language Development (3 Credits)

    ESL 3 Assessment of English Learners (3 Credits)

    ESL 4 Planning and Managing Instruction: Strategies for the Communicative Classroom (3 Credits)

    ESL 5 English Learner Educational Philosophy and Advocacy (2 Credits)

    ESL Practicums include field experience that most teachers can complete within their current school system:

    ESL Practicum I (1 Credits) Requires 16 hours of field experience

    ESL Practicum II (3 Credits) Requires 33 hours of field experience



    Contact Barb Wilkinson at wilkb@iu29.org for more information.