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    Just as learners are different, so too are the people who teach them and the circumstances in which learning takes place.
    Schuylkill County Online Learning (SCOL) offers students significant opportunities and advantages that other cyber and charter schools cannot. Through its partnerships with multiple vendors, SIU is able to provide top-quality online education at a significantly lower rate than other leading providers. Using any computer connected to the Internet, students may complete individual courses or entire programs of study online.
    Enrolling in SCOL will allow students to earn a high school diploma from their home school district, while still retaining the ability to participate in school activities offered by the district.
    Grages K-5 Courses (Virtual Synchronous Learning - Students will virtually attend class sessions) $350.00 Per Course.
    Grades 6-12 Courses (Asynchronous Learning - Learn on your own schedule within a timeframe) Courses $260.00 Per Course.  
    Please feel to contact Christine Joy joyc@iu29.org or (570) 544-9131 x1229 for any questions regarding course scope and sequence, and for any additional information.
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