• Children eligible for, and in need of special education services under Chapter 14 and 342 of the Pennsylvania School Code are entitled to receive and effective behavior support program. This program will assist them to develop and maintain skills that will enhance their opportunity for learning as part of their Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Positive, rather than negative measures form the basis of behavior support plans. Positive Behavior Support Plans emphasize skill building and include multiple intervention components.

    The primary goal of effective behavior support is to produce long-lasting behavior change by teaching alternative skills and building supportive environments using multiple interventions.

    There are four major intervention components:
    • Antecedent/Setting Event Strategies 
    • Alternative Skill Training
    • Consequence Strategies
    • Long-term Prevention Strategies
    The Behavior Support staff people will assist local school district personnel in the use of instructional methods to manage students' classroom behavior and teach students pro-social skills. Guided practice is also provided in the formulation of behavior support plans.