• Educator Effectiveness

    The Curriculum Department staff support county educational entities with all aspects of the Educator Effectiveness Project. The project goal is to develop an educator effectiveness model that will reform the way we evaluate teachers, educational specialists, and principals as well as the critical components of training and professional growth. Improving the effectiveness of teachers is critical to student success, as well as creating safe, nurturing school environments based on the premise of high expectations for all. Through the Educator Effectiveness Project, Pennsylvania is actively engaged in improving teaching and learning by implementing better teacher, educational specialist, and principal evaluation systems and providing these professionals with the feedback they need to improve their practice. 

    Information on the SAS Portal: http://www.pdesas.org/Instruction/Frameworks

    IU 29 Contact:
    Annie Milewski, (570) 544-9131 extension 1227 or milee@iu29.org.