• Data Quality Network

    The local Data Quality Council addresses how districts can improve the quality of their data through effective data governance. This ensures that data accurately describes your staff and schools. It minimizes the amount of time spent correcting and re-submitting PIMS data. Most importantly, it ensures that data-informed decisions lead to effective instructional changes and improvements.

    Membership in the group is open to all staff members with any role or responsibility regarding the production, collection, entering, submission, or application of PIMS data. That includes PIMS administrators, data entry personnel, special education and curriculum supervisors, principals, superintendents, teachers, and even board members.

    Information regarding monthly meetings can be found at http://www.dataqualitynetwork.net/ under “Meeting Info.”

    Monthly meetings are held to allow members to:

    • discuss issues with PIMS and data collection and usage
    • develop a data quality user manual that addresses the roles of all members
    • create a timeline for collection and submission of data
    • receive updates on the PIMS system.
     IU 29 Contacts:
    • Monica Vanscoy, Supervisor of STEM (570)544-9131 ext. 1255