Why Take the HiSET® Exam?

    If you want to pursue a rewarding career or continue your education, then getting your high school credential is the most important step you can take. Colleges as well as many employers require one. The HISET® exam, the new alternative to the GED® test, can help you achieve this important state-issued high school equivalency credential.

    The HiSET exam is more accessible and more affordable; with your test fee, you'll get free test prep and two retests within 12 months of your original purchase. And we provide all the support and preparation tools you need to succeed.

    Learn more about why you should take the HiSET exam.

    Where and When Can I Take the Exam?

    You can take the HiSET exam at approved HiSET test centers in states and jurisdictions that offer the HiSET exam. See if the HiSET exam is offered in your state or jurisdiction.

    The test can be taken on most days when the centers are open. You can schedule a test by creating a HiSET account and clicking the link below to find availability or by contacting your local test center to find out more information. Find test centers near you.

    What's On the HiSET Exam?

    Your skills and knowledge are measured in five core areas that make up the five HiSET subtests:

    • Language Arts – Reading
    • Language Arts – Writing
    • Mathematics
    • Science
    • Social Studies

    See Test Content for more details.

    How Can I Prepare for the Exam?

    We offer free sample questions, practice tests and tips to help you get ready for the exam. In addition, test centers and adult education centers may be able to help you prepare. Learn more about how to prepare for the exam.

    How Much Does the HiSET Exam Cost?

    Cost varies by state or jurisdiction. For specific fees and policies to determine your total HiSET exam fees, please see Requirements by State or Jurisdiction.

    Are Testing Accommodations for Disabilities Offered?

    We provide services and reasonable accommodations for test takers with disabilities or health-related needs who meet the requirements. See Disability Accommodations.

    Now you have an alternative in high school equivalency testing. Start on your path to a new career or college success!