• Curriculum Advisory Councils

    Curriculum Department Staff supports county educational entities by hosting administrative meetings to remain current with federal, state and local requirements.
    Curriculum Department Staff also supports county educational entities by hosting meetings to share federal, state and local mandates and to allow cross-district collaboration. 
    Dr. Diane R. Best - Director of Curriculum
    Curriculum Council
    Federal Program Coordinators
    Student Assistance Program - Region 3 Coordinator
    Dr. Andrew Gavalis - Supervisor of English Language Arts
    Data Quality Council
    Elementary Principals  
    Vincent Hoover - Supervisor of Mathematics
    Schuylkill Academic League/Academic Competition 
    Secondary Principals
    STEM Collaborative
    Doreen Milot - Supervisor of ESL
    ESL Consortium - District Contact and monthly ESL Teacher Meetings
    Gifted Network
    Induction Council
    Title III Consortium 
    Barbara Wilkinson - Supervisor of School Improvement
    Continuing Professional Education Council
    Physical Security Committee
    Pennsylvania Institute of Instructional Coaches
    Safe Schools