• Curriculum & Technology Trainings:

    • These trainings, unless otherwise noted, are free of charge for Schuylkill IU 29 member districts. To obtain the Training Fee Schedule for non-member educational entities and community agencies, please call the Curriculum Department at (570) 544-9131 x1276.
    • Trainings can be customized to fit existing professional development needs and can be conducted at the school district or at one of the Schuylkill Intermediate Unit facilities: the Maple Avenue Campus or the North or South Schuylkill Technology Center.
    • It is recommended that consideration for continued reflection and follow-up professional development in the training area is planned.
    • Training times listed are approximate and in some cases may be altered. Other trainings can be arranged upon request, recognizing that sufficient time is needed for planning and preparation.

    Free Trainings for Schuylkill Intermediate Unit 29 Member Districts:

    If  looking for additional training, please inquire with Diane Best or Lynn Ann Wiscount 


    Training Details:

    Assessment Literacy Series - Dr. Diane Best or Barb Wilkinson or Dr. Andrew Gavalis
    1-2 days
    Develop high-quality performance measures for use within the greater educator effectiveness system.
    Increase assessment literacy of participants.
    Gain a deeper understanding of academic content standards with a focus on the long-term goal of positively impacting student achievement.

    Classroom Diagnostic Tools - Vince Hoover or Dr. Andrew Gavalis

    1-2 hours (introduction) or full day (analyzing school data)
    What are the CDTs?
    How do teachers, administrators and technology departments prepare for the
    test day?

    Using the data to guide instruction 
    Comprehensive Planning ProcessBarb Wilkinson
    2-3 hours
    Effective use of online tool
    Co-Teaching and Collaborative Planning - Dr. Diane Best and TaC Staff
    2.5 hours
    What is Inclusion?
    What is Collaborative Planning?
    Co-Teaching Strategies
    Elements and Benefits of Co-Teaching
    4 Approaches for Co-Teaching

    Curriculum Alignment and DevelopmentDr. Diane Best
    3 hours to full days
    Sessions can be arranged to assist with curriculum alignment and development based on district need.

    Danielson’s Framework for Teaching Dr. Diane Best
    6 hours
    Train-the-trainer workshop regarding Charlotte Danielson's Framework for Teaching.
    Data Analysis - Dr. Andrew Gavalis or Vince Hoover
    2 hours to full day
    Available topics:
    4 sight
    Any other available district data
    DIBELS Math  - Vince Hoover
    5 hours
    Learn the foundations behind this K-6 mathematics universal screener to identify students who may need additional help in the area of mathematics.  Teachers will learn how to administer and score this assessment. 

    Differentiated Instruction - Barb Wilkinson
    3 hours to full day
    This newly updated Differentiated Instruction training provides an opportunity for K-12 educators to enhance Tier 1 Core Instruction through high-quality, research-based differentiated instruction and formative assessment techniques.

    Educator Dashboard - Dr. Diane Best and Vince Hoover
    2-3 hours for overview
    The Educator Dashboard Early Warning System (EWS) is a free, voluntary tool available to all commonwealth LEAs. Building upon existing data, the EWS provides a lens through which schools are able to
    • identify students at rsk of dropping out
    • build a library of district-specific interventions
    • increase community partnerships and support schools
    • set goals for student achievement
    • improve student success rates
    Educator Effectiveness Training (training for administrators who evaluate teaching and non-teaching professionals, including: Education Specialists, Instructionally Certified, and Supervisors and principal training) – Dr. Diane Best
    Time based on specific needs
    2 days (Day 1 Teacher Effectiveness/Day 2 – NTP Effectiveness)
    Who are the NTPs? How will they be evaluated?
    Education Specialists
    Instructionally Certified
    English Language Learners – Separating Language Difference and Learning Disability - Barb Wilkinson
    1-2 hours
    What is language difference? How is it different than a learning disability?
    Making the appropriate instructional decisions for English language learners.
    Formative Assessment - Barb Wilkinson
    3 hours to full day
    Review research related to formative assessment, improve the use of formative assessment tools, learn and apply principles of effective questioning, discussion, and feedback.
    Gifted Education - Annie Milewski
    For all faculty:
    Chapter 16 review and compliance
    Using data to increase achievement of gifted students
    Developing resources for advanced and gifted students

    For teachers of the gifted:
    Chapter 16 compliance
    GIEP requirements
    Determining Present Levels of Performance (PLEP)
    Writing goals and outcomes

    Increasing Cultural Competency - Barb Wilkinson
    2 hours
    Creating a school climate that appreciates diversity
    What is cultural competence? Why is it important? What strategies and resources exist?
    Instructional Coaching ServicesDr. Andrew Gavalis
    Time varies based on topic and staff level of understanding/needs.
    Instructional coaching services can be provided to administrators and teachers to:
    Identify strategies for working with adult learners
    Help teachers re-focus time on task
    Co-teach, model, demonstrate units of study with teachers
    Co-facilitate school wide/district/IU wide professional learning
    Foster cross district/cross IU visitations
    Engage in peer coaching
    Plan and facilitate study groups.

    Keystone Exams Project Based Assessments - Dr. Diane Best
    1-3 hours
    Understanding the project based assessments (PBAs), including the roles and responsibilities associated with administering the PBAs, the evaluator application process, and previewing the PBA Field Test site
    Meeting the Needs of English Language Learners - Barb Wilkinson
    2 hours
    What is ESL? Who is an ELL (English Language Learner)?
    What is the role of the classroom teacher?
    What strategies should be used and what resources are available?
    Moodle Workshop Level 1 - Moodle BasicsLynn Ann Wiscount and Vince Hoover
    1 hour
    Hands-on workshop to create a course environment (e.g., layout, settings, assignments, activities) to match their course objectives and syllabus.

    Moodle Workshop Level 2 - Advanced Moodle - Lynn Ann Wiscount and Vince Hoover
    2 hour+
    Hands-on workshop on advanced features in Moodle such as Assessment (e.g., tests, quizzes, grades), HTML editor, and multimedia integration
    Note: Moodle Levels 1 and 2 may be combined into one day.
    Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS/RtII) - Annie Milewski or Dr. Andrew Gavalis or Ashley Hess, TaC Staff
    Schuylkill Intermediate Unit 29 offers a support series for schools implementing Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS/RtII). Participation in this training series affords building teams the opportunity to develop a well-integrated multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS) that connect general, remedial, and special education services. IU consultants provide strong support in the areas of systematic data collection, effective interventions, and ongoing data analysis of student progress. Teams are also able to share experiences related to the implementation of scientifically-based practices and the use of data-based decision making procedures.
    Informational Sessions and Overviews
    Elementary and Secondary Cohorts
    Onsite Support
    Regional Networking
    Integration with SAS
    Critical Components
    Tools for successful implementation
    Data Analysis
    Tiered Instruction
    Use of school personnel and resources
    Research-based interventions 
    PA Core Standards Training - Dr. Andrew Gavalis or Vince Hoover
    4.5 hours
    What is Common Core?
    Developing an Understanding of Common Core
    English Language Arts
    Understanding Common Core State Standards (Breakouts)
    Examining Common Core Standards from a PA Perspective
    Elements for Effective Transition
    Common Core State Standards and My Curriculum (Breakouts)
    Using Common Core Transition Tools
    Applying Transition Tools to Your Curriculum
    SAS Trainings - Dr. Diane Best or Barb Wilkinson
    Trainings can be customized to meet your needs focusing on areas such as instruction and assessment or instruction and curriculum, etc.

    SAS Curriculum Mapper - Dr. Diane Best
    3-6 hours
    An initial administrative training to determine the column headings for the templates is followed by training for staff.

    Administrative training includes:
    Creating a Curriculum Map Template
    Populating the Curriculum Map
    My Curriculum and My Instructional Maps
    Training outcomes for staff include:
    Developing and populating a curriculum map within the SAS Portal Curriculum Mapping Tool.
    Utilizing the My ePortfolio tool to upload and embed items within a curriculum map
    Adding a curriculum map to the My Curriculum tab in the SAS Portal
    Understanding the rationale for developing Instructional Maps and practice using this functionality with the Curriculum Mapping Tool

    SAS Overview  - Dr. Diane Best or Barb Wilkinson
    2.5-5 hours
    Provides participants with a basic overview of the 6 SAS circles
    Links the 6 SAS Circles to student achievement
    SAS Teacher Tools - Dr. Diane Best or Barb Wilkinson
    2.5-5 hours
    Provides knowledge and creation of:
    A SAS profile
    An ePortfolio
    A teacher webpage
    Provides knowledge about:
    The Professional Development Center
    PYB-Publish Your Best
    My Communities

    School Improvement Planning - Barb Wilkinson
    3 hours-5 hours
    Provides an overview about what has changed in the School Improvement process
    Equip schools with the tools needed to start the school improvement planning process

    Student Learning Objectives – Dr. Diane Best or Barb Wilkinson or Dr. Andrew Gavalis
    3 hours-2 full days
    Developing an understanding of the student learning objective portion of the teacher effectiveness model including basic overviews, train the trainer sessions, and facilitated work sessions.
    Teacher Effectiveness Training - Dr. Diane Best or Barb Wilkinson
    Time based on need
    PA Teacher Effectiveness Model Train the Trainer workshop for administrators

    Technology Integration - Lynn Ann Wiscount or Vince Hoover
    Technology Tools
    Web 2.0 tools
    Lesson planning for integration
    Evaluation techniques
    Discovery Education
    Defined STEM

    TransACT: Using the Online Collection of Documents - Barb Wilkinson
    Session  length varies depending on need and audience. This session is appropriate for office personnel, administrators and educators.
    What is TransACT?
    Is this only for ESL?
    How to best use this resource?

    Webb’s Depth of Knowledge - Dr. Diane Best
    2.5 hours
    Why consider DOK? PSSAs/21st Century Skills
    Incorporating higher-order thinking skills
    DOK and the Keystone Exams
    Test Review and Refine
    DOK Samples

    For Fee Training Details:


    Microsoft Publisher 
    3 hours to full day (depends on user knowledge)
    Using Publisher to create signage, menus, advertisements and fliers

    Microsoft Office Tools 2013 
    1 hour to full day (depends on user knowledge or number of tools needed)
    Using the tools effectively – shortcuts