SLA Alternate Education Program
  • Location:
      Schuylkill Intermediate Unit 29 - Maple Avenue Campus
    Students Served:
      Regular education and special education students in grades K-12 from all districts throughout Schuylkill County.
    • Elementary Education - Students in the elementary education program will receive their education by grade level grouping in a regular educational classroom. Those students with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) will receive educational support from an itinerant teacher. Elementary level subgrouping will be approximately as follows: K-3; 4-6, 7-8.
    • Secondary EducationStudents in the middle and high school grades (6-12) will receive their education in a regular education classroom from four highly qualified teachers in the following core curriculums: Math, Science, English, and Social Studies. Instruction will be provided via a Blended Schools Curriculum and supplemented by regular educational teachers. Instruction will be individualized, based on the student's grade level and instructional ability. Every effort will be made to support students in the current course assignments offered by the home school district. All special education services for students in the Blended Schools Curriculum will be provided by an itinerant teacher.  Students who meet the criteria for full-time support will receive their education from a special education instructor.
    • All students will receive the following specials: physical education, art, music, and library/computers.
    • Secondary students will be introduced to the following vocational education: food prep, schedule permitting. 
    Therapeutic Component:
      A counseling component is provided in addition to alternate education services through the day treatment program. Students who are not eligible for the day treatment program will receive a minimum of 2.5 hours of counseling per week through the behavioral services programming.
    Process for Enrollment:
      Contact Kate Herb (Supervisor of Special Education) at 570-544-9131 x2369 or Jacqueline Wapinsky (Principal) at 570-544-9131 x2353 to discuss program eligibility and availability. Complete the packet of information as per the instructions on the Referral Process link below. Upon acceptance of the referral, approval by the funding source, and receipt of all required information, an admission meeting will be scheduled to complete the admission process. If the student has an IEP, an IEP meeting will need to take place as part of the educational admission process. Students who meet the criteria for the day treatment program, in addition to alternate education services, will also participate in an intake following the educational admission meeting. (Please refer to the Schuylkill Learning Academy Day Treatment for more information regarding these services.)

    Download PDF document below: