• PA Media and Design Competition

    Schuylkill County Regional Competition 


    The PA Media and Design Competition is an annual event that highlights Pennsylvania students' application skills, creativity, and knowledge.
    Congratulations to the 2024 Regional Winners!!

    Important Dates:

    • State Competition: Click here for details
    • Registration Deadline - March 15, 2024
    • Judging and Award Ceremony - April 12, 2024
    The Middle School and High School Media and Design Competition are two separate events operating under two separate sets of rules but held the same day at the same place under a common schedule.  Be sure to follow the regulations posted at the respective Middle School (grades 6-8) and High School (grades 9-12) websites.  Be careful, some of the rules may be DIFFERENT! Entrants must follow the "Current Rules..." and "Specific Regional Rules...." listed below.

    Participant Packet

    An all-in-one participation Packet containing ALMOST all the required forms is posted on the PA Media and Design Competition web page.  That packet lacks a photo release form for the Regional Fair.  To obtain a packet with all the PA Computer Fair forms and the Regional Fair photo release form click the link below.

    Current Rules, Regulations & Required Forms

    Rules are available at the Official PA Media and Design Competition website  http://mediadesigncompetition.org 
    To obtain Required Forms, please use the packet from the participant packet link above. Hopefully, this packet is less confusing.

    Judging Criteria

    • We will follow the Rules and Scoring Guides posted on the Categories and Rules page on the http://mediadesigncompetition.org website.
    • Be sure to follow instructions from this page.

    Project Summary

    Each competition entry must display a project summary. The summary will be the student's opportunity to provide judges with any background information they wish the judges to be aware of during the judging process. The summary must be displayed with each project for the judges to read as they evaluate the student's entry. This summary should not be more than one page and must include the following items:
    • The project's objectives, vision and/or overall purpose.
    • A list of the software applications used to create the project. List any additional equipment (scanners, digital cameras, etc.) used in the creation of your project.
    • List the approximate time spent creating the project and name all contributors to the project.
    • If the design elements/graphics/photos are included in the project, please describe where the elements originated. Please include citations of all design elements that are not original. And be certain to include written documentation from the creator/owner of the work indicating that they gave you permission to use their work.
    • A brief description of the process used to create the project.
    • Any additional information the students feel the judges should be aware of while evaluating the project.

    Copyright Sign-Off Form

    A copyright sign-off form must be prominently displayed with each entry in the competition. The form must be signed by all students of the project team and the sponsor. All projects must follow the strict guidelines posted under "Copyright Requirements" within the "Categories and Rules" section of the state websites. Fair Use Guidelines do not apply to Competition Projects. All non-original work must include written permission from the creator/owner of the work. All original work should be documented as being original to eliminate any doubt. Simply signing a Copyright Sign-off Form does NOT satisfy any requirement for compliance with these regulations.


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