Helpful Grant Tips 

  • Identify needs and plan for upcoming funding opportunities. Gather information such as cost estimates for classroom supplies, equipment, or other items. 
  • Organize a grant writing team or or PLC (professional learning community) to focus on grants for the classroom.
  • Read grant guidelines carefully and thoroughly. Contact the funder to clarify questions or directions.
  • Ensure that the budget reflects line items that are directly linked to the proposed project or program.
  • Enlist others to review grant proposals in order to obtain a review through the eyes of other staff.
  • Be aware of deadlines and submission instructions. 
  • Do not use specific jargon that may be confusing to the person reviewing the grant. Educational jargon may be used if the funding opportunity specifically requires such terminology.
  • If awarded a grant, in most cases, a formal thank you letter should be sent to the funder. 
  • If unsuccessful in receiving a grant award, utilize the process as a learning experience and begin preparing for the next grant opportunity. In some cases, the funding agency may provide feedback on the submitted application.