• Hearing and Vision Support Programs are provided to eligible students enrolled district located classes in the 12 school districts, as well as students attending classes at the Maple Avenue Campus.  Speech services are provided to eligible students attending the Maple Avenue Campus.  Itinerant Special Education Teachers travel to the various school buildings to provide instructional programs and services, on a weekly basis.  Itinerant special education teachers may also provide educational programs and services to eligible students who may require instruction in the home, as well as for those eligible students enrolled in an alternate educational program at the Maple Avenue Campus. In addition to the instructional program and services provided to these eligible students, the services of an Audiologist as well as an Orientation and Mobility Specialist are available on an as needed basis.  Occupational and Physical Therapists provide ongoing services to eligible students throughout the county schools and at the Maple Avenue Campus.

    For additional information, please contact:

    Debra Arnold
    Director of Special Education
    570-544-9131 x1211