Local Task Force
  • The Local Task Forces were mandated by a court order in 1972 to assist in improving education for all school-age persons with intellectual disabilities. In 1975, the Right to Education Act was passed by the US Congress and included all children with disabilities.

    Local Task Force Duties and Responsibilities:

    • Assist in providing information for improving, strengthening, expanding and monitoring programs and services for persons covered under Intellectual Disabilities Services
    • Supports for school-aged persons and carries out the letter and spirit of the Right to Education Consent Agreement. (PARC v. Commonwealth)
    • Follows the policies, procedures and guidelines outlined by the State Task Force.
    • Reviews recommendations and communications from the State Task Force as a regular agenda item.
    • Cooperates with the direct service provider agencies, both public and private, in planning for a continuum of programs and services.
    • Refers problems identified locally to LEA’s, approved private agency or to the State Task Force for clarification, recommendation or solution.
    • Makes recommendations to the STF or other approved private groups concerning solutions to problems which may have ramifications on a regional or statewide basis.
    • Trains new members and serves as a vehicle for educating the community.

    Who are we?

    Parents of children with disabilities and special educational needs are the mainstay of this Local Task Force. Also serving on the Schuylkill County Task Force are:

    • Representatives of the Schuylkill County IU 29;
    • Representatives of Local School Districts;
    • Representatives of Community Agencies;
    • Interested citizens from our community.

    Download the Local Task Force 2022 - 2023 Brochure here



Degrees and Certifications:

For more information, contact:

Ashley Hess
570-544-9131 Ext. 1283