• Schuylkill County Youth Conference and Arnold Delin Award
    The purpose of this program is to establish an annual conference for high school age students that will promote on-going programs and activities in our schools and communities to foster and enhance cultural appreciation, understanding, and unity.

    The vision is to organize a county conference that will challenge the intellect of young students, serve as a problem solving forum, and bring learners into contact with experts in the field to promote a gathering of young people that will:

    • Serve as a catalyst for projects in their home schools;
    • Help them to learn about, share, and appreciate cultural differences, and
    • Recognize student accomplishments and service contributions in the form of an awards recognition program.
    • Youth Conference – Fall      
    • Arnold Delin Award Program
    • School Programs, Projects, & Events

    Founded by Steve and Marjorie Cotler in honor of Arnold Delin

     Arnold Delin

    Arnold Delin was a native of New Hampshire and was one of Schuylkill County’s most prominent community leaders. He worked tirelessly and continually to combat hate and discrimination in all forms. In his role as Regional Chairman of the Anti-Defamation League he formed an educational partnership with local schools that has endured for more than three decades and provided valuable, consistent support to teachers, administrators, and students. That support has come in the form of professional seminars, cultural programs,teacher scholarships, European Study Tours, annual trips to the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C., and library materials for our schools. Mr. Delin believed strongly that education is our most powerful tool in the battle against hate and discrimination. The Schuylkill County Youth Conference and the Arnold Delin Award are a tribute to his work and his lifelong commitment to promote understanding among all people. 

    Steve Cotler


    Steve Cotler is a native of Pottsville and one of Schuylkill County’s leading businessmen. He has directed funds to numerous foundations and community causes and in November 2001 he received the prestigious Torch of Liberty Award. As he accepted the award at the annual banquet, he announced his intentions to make a $10,000 contribution to Schuylkill County schools through Intermediate Unit 29 in his family’s name.  The intent of this donation was to fund an educational initiative that would impact all schools and students in the Schuylkill County area and sustain the long term educational partnership between our educational community, the Anti-Defamation League, and the Schuylkill County Society of Fellows.  Mr. Cotler’s generous donation planted the seeds for the Schuylkill County Youth Conference, a long range venture that will impact teaching and learning in our schools. We are grateful to Steve and Marjorie Cotler for their unique contribution and commend them for their vision and continued efforts to promote understanding and appreciation of cultural differences.

    Year-to-Year Summary

    Participating High Schools: