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    "Become your child's first and most important teacher!" 

    Families Learning Together program addresses the literacy needs of all members while promoting parents’ involvement in their children’s education as their children’s first teachers and most powerful influence on their academic success.
    The Families Learning Together Program improves the educational opportunities of eligible families by integrating early childhood education and adult education in a unified program. Families Learning Together serve low-income families with young children (birth through third grade) that also have one parent with basic skill needs. All Adult Education Classes are FREE. 

    Four Components of Families Literacy

    Adult Education: Adult education is designed to extend basic education skills. Adult education is more than GED preparation. It is designed so that all students will acquire skills that are needed to participate fully in society. Adult education can be classroom instruction, one-on-one tutoring, job training programs, and computer classes, adult English as a Second Language classes, to name a few.

     Parenting Education: Parenting education is an essential part of successful family literacy programs. Parenting education helps parents to become their children’s first and most important teachers. Parenting education couples parent support groups and parenting education groups to provide a safe place to educate and inform parents, to provide for mutual support, to offer advocacy services to families, and to study particular subjects related to being a parent. Examples of topics discussed may be child development, discipline, nutrition, and family budgeting.

     Early Childhood Education: Developmentally appropriate educational activities designed for children to help them develop a wide range of skills including cognitive, physical, social, and emotional. The goal of child education is to prepare children for future success in school and life situations. Early Childhood Education activities are offered in local preschools or elementary centers.

     Interactive Literacy Activities (ILA): ILA time is a time when parents and children play together as a family unit. Parents are taught the importance of play as a learning opportunity and how to transfer learning to the home. Parents and children become partners in the learning process by participating in literacy rich play activities.

    Families Learning Together also provides summer reading activities for parents and children in collaboration with local libraries, childcare centers, and schools.

    Registration information
    Call the Lifelong Learning Center at  570-628-5761
    or E-mail: kas@iu29.org  
    or contact your Family Advocate